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Bestiary: a medieval or allegorical moralizing work on the appearance and habits of animals.
(Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, tenth ed.)

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Fair warning, this site is in constant construction and will be updated and improved on as the whim strikes me, and/or when I successfully reach the end of a quarter.

I'm putting a variety of things here... some semi-professional writing work I've done, some writings I did for my own pleasure, some papers I wrote during my long and sordid scholastic career (which is still on-going), some zines I've written for the defunct APA The Wild Hunt, its successor APA Interregnum, and the long-running APA Alarums & Excursions. I have often used my papers for zines, so don't be surprised at any overlap.

Welcome and, I hope, enjoy.



Religions & the Bible: Some essays on the bible from a literary/historical viewpoint, and on various religious beliefs.

Ethics and morality: Speculations on a few questions of morality.

Popular movements: A few essays on various subcultural movements, and some reviews of articles and books in the same vein.

Applied theoretical interpretations: The kinds of papers that accumulate after a lot of anthropology classes. ;-)

Societies and subcultures: Some of my most enjoyable and interesting-to-research papers are here. There's also a small section speculating on my scholastic misadventures to date.

Odds & ends: Where everything that I'm not sure of goes.

The Library: This page is where I get to effuse about all the interesting books I've read -- as well as comment on a few... less absorbing ones. I also have several good quotes here. ;-)

Role-playing: From here you can find The Page of Neat Gaming Ideas that Never Made It. I've also put up all my zines for the APAs The Wild Hunt, Alarums & Excursions, and Interregnum, and some gaming-related art.


Me stuff

Favorite Papers: if you want the quick tour through my site, click on the "Laughing Collie's Favorites" icon below. It links several of my papers that I was particularly proud of or particularly moved by, and when you're done it will bring you back here. Just so you know, there are five finals papers or essays to read, and some of them are quite short. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


This site: A small page with random bits of site information... there's not much there currently, aside from an alphabetical listing of my papers. Also, since I've been fortunate enough to receive complimentary letters from many nice folks, I wanted some way to say thanks publicly to them. I made up a Collie's Bestiary Letters Page to do just that. Should you wish to discuss anything I've written, please feel free to e-mail me! (or click on the mailbox below) -- I'm always interested in communicating.

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More me: which contains my holiday wish list for all my amusedly exasperated and/or stymied friends and family, the oft-demanded links page, my page with the information as to why I chose the runes I did for my index subjects above, just below my laughing collie graphic, as well as my humor pages... and of course, the requisite photos for you folks that simply MUST have visuals. ;-)

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