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Here are some random bits I've written that explore some issues of conscience, as well as a few other loosely related subjects.
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Anti-Gun Propaganda and Controlling Violent Crime An argumentation paper where I had to take a position I did not believe in, and argue it convincingly. Interestingly enough, after extensive research I ended up changing my mind. I encourage you to read it and make your own decisions.
An Angel in the House; a Demon in the Herd Which relates a personal revelation loosely based on Virginia Wolfe's essay wherein she mentions her personal battle to slay her inner desire to be the age's conception of a perfect woman -- the self-effacing, personality-less "angel in the house."
Consensual Sex Crimes These laws are unjust and unconstitutional -- and we should repeal them.
Pornography and the Victimization of Women Cause and effect, or wishful thinking?
Voicing Opinion and Personal Reflection In which, for a "timed" assignment, I discuss egalitarianism, victimization of women, and animal training.
Plagiarism A quick review of plagiarism, using Jensen's model of argumentation.
Biodiversity vs. Bioengineering? A quickie synopsis of an article concerning an ethical question in the field of environmentalism.

This article is NOT my work, but does cover a subject I find interesting.

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