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It's getting linked up slowly... I've put the less commonly known on-line comics that I read towards the top of the list, mostly because they need our support. I've also put up links to almost all the charities I support, and places I think should be checked out for self-information. It does seem terribly serious, somehow... I should try to link up more of the silly/fun sites too, I think. For now, enjoy, I hope.
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Too weird a premise to describe here, but great fun to read.

A fun place to meet and game online.

A beautiful site of masks for sale.
This is one of the most absorbing stories and backgrounds I've ever seen in a comic book -- heartily recommended!

A very rational, thoughtful site. In their own words: "the most comprehensive freethought web site on the Internet."

A wonderfully surreal, intelligent, funny site, for all you aspiring evil scientists (or evil interns) out there.
I WANT the Riot Grrbils t-shirt! ;-)

The author used the classical Greek theatre technique of telling the audience the ending -- and yet I'm still fascinated.

These folks are on the small list of charities I support.
Be informed. Vote your conscience.
Donna Barr's page. She's the amazing woman that does "Desert Peach" and the "Stinz" books. Buy her stuff! Make her rich so she'll keep on producing!

Because I strongly believe we must make and be responsible for our own decisions in life.

Wonderfully cute, but not too saccharine -- at least for me.

The best naughty comic ever, dedicated to the premise that sex is a very fun(ny) thing indeed!

Don't just put up the link button -- live freedom of speech, for yourself and for others.

Also a very cute story, which gives me the occasional laugh-out-loud moment.

An absorbing and beautiful story, although you unfortunately can't really pick up in the middle.

Another charity I support. They don't confiscate land to preserve it -- they just buy it!

Usually fun, and already very well known.
A chance to help people to help themselves. I like that... I think President Carter is the best ex-president we've ever had.

A nice, anthromorphized look at here and now -- Aesop would be proud.
Another self-information resource. Educate yourself! Don't be a thoughtless consumer!