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Thus man wishes woman to be peaceable; but in fact woman is essentially unpeaceable, like a cat, however well she may have assumed the peaceable demeanor.

Here are all my The Wild Hunt zines. What are zines, you say? No sweat... keeping in mind that all APAs are different, we can still see many similarities amongst those with similar themes, such that a quote from the web page of another like-themed APA should be helpful. Check out the Interregnum web page for a nice description of zines.

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The TWH Zines

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Peaceable Demeanor #1 which is how I started all this nonsense, by writing about sex and romance in games. I also comment on TWH #169. ;-)
Peaceable Demeanor #2 where I talk about GM styles in running their games, and comment on TWH #'s 170 and 171.
Peaceable Demeanor #3 which discusses the difficulties of bringing new players into established games, and has comments on TWH #'s 172 and 173.
Peaceable Demeanor #4 where I critique White Wolf's Milwaukee By Night -- it stinks! I also comment on TWH #174, speculate on what makes a good superhero group, and find myself (much to my surprise!) defending TSR.
Peaceable Demeanor #5 Brace yourselves for the TEAM from Hell! and comments on TWH #175... there's stupid player tricks, stupid con-com tricks, discouraging or encouraging "furverts"... stuff like that. ;-)
Peaceable Demeanor #6 which is a catch-up zine of comments on TWH #'s 176 and 177.
Peaceable Demeanor #7 which contains the paper Thoughts on the Disciple Jesus Loved, some bits about censorship and letting other people think for you, the insanity of PCs, and the importance of doing what you enjoy doing, as well as comments on TWH #'s 178, 179, 180, and 181.
Peaceable Demeanor #8 where I discuss my liking for "passion" in gaming; comment on TWH #'s 182, 183, and 184; make some jokes about Modesty Blaze; and answer a letter.

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