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Here you'll find a number of personally interesting things, which will increase as I continue to play with my site... on this page are links to my pages of quotes, as well as my page of books which I highly enjoyed but unfortunately wrote no papers on.

I've also got here most of my written reviews on the books of anthropological theory, ethnography, and other subjects that I enjoyed, as well as a few books I didn't care so much for... so this may seem a rather esoteric collection of works.

The wow! image means there was something in the book I found particularly thought-provoking or fascinating. The thumbs up! indicates I thought the book was quite good; the little skull means that I didn't. No symbol means I just didn't care. Keep in mind these are just my personal opinions, so feel free to take them with a big grain of salt! ;-)

Due to the constraints of space, I've limited this page of reviews, recommendations, and essays to books only -- while there are many fascinating articles I've read, I don't have the space to include everything.

I'm also in the process of including links to the Powell's on-line bookstore for specific books, and a Powell's search engine if you wish to just explore their wonderful selection. I've chosen to enter into a partnership program with Powell's because they're still small and independent, and every experience I've had with them shows they still remember retail is a service organization -- to the customer.


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  Some Anthropology Book Reviews These are all seminal works in the field of anthropology, or books on theory. Several of them are excellent, in my opinion. Putting them on this page also means the library page loads much quicker! ;-)  
  Collected papers of the 'Third World Women in Politics' class An excellent class which I'd have enjoyed more were I not quite so frazzled that quarter. The sources for the readings mentioned in the papers are, incidentally, quite fascinating.  
  Collected papers of the 'Women, Religion, and Society' class I very much enjoyed the reading list for this class. The papers themselves are a little light, I fear... mostly a quickie synopsis and a question for class discussion. ;-)  
Highbrow/Lowbrow: The Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America I highly recommend the book this paper reviews; the author presents a clearly written analysis of the sacralization of "Art" in America. gimme this book!
A Quick Review of Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy, and Popular Literature This is another book I highly recommend, as far as a careful (if ultimately non-agreeing) treatment of a popular movement that is commonly denigrated without thought. gimme this book!
thumbs up!
Wisdom Sits In Places An essay on both the book being reviewed, and cultural links between language, wisdom, and location for the Western Apache. The book is well worth reading. gimme this book!
Symbology in The Women of Brewster Place A review of an unfortunately well-crafted book, brimming with sexism disguised as anti-racism. No, I didn't like it. gimme this book!
Whiteness as Racial Categorization From a class where the instructor did not encourage free expression. This is as carefully neutral a review of Frankenberg's White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness and Walker's "Advancing Luna - and Ida B. Wells" as I could manage for her. gimme this book!

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