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Most of the papers were quite enjoyable to research and write, despite the fact that I was usually operating under a tight deadline! Hope you find them as interesting as I did. I've also included here a section dedicated to my schooling and various thoughts or speculations on the subject of education... which is, of course, a subculture in and of itself.
Women in Religion & Politics: A Possible Non Sequiter? A fascinating paper to write... the more I learned of 'fundamentalism,' the more I realized that it wasn't simply a few dangerously fanatic lunatics imposing their will on women through a society's accepted 'state religion.' We have a long way to go still.
Indian Women, Religion, and Society An exploration of how a religion defines and is created by society, as shown through associated class readings.
Vicarious Living Gaming as Counter-Hegemonic Subculture
Critical Review of Hebdige's Subculture: the Meaning of Style Which is a fascinating book, by the way! ;-)
Landscape and Language at the University of Santa Cruz Where we try to find the Western Apache connections between wisdom and location in Santa Cruz students.
Cultural Comparison/Contrast Between Minoans and Classical Athenians A final paper that was also an experiment in writing role-play.
Anti-Gun Propaganda and Controlling Violent Crime An argumentation paper where I had to take a position I did not believe in, and argue it convincingly. Interestingly enough, after extensive research I ended up changing my mind. I encourage you to read it and make your own decisions.
Field Project: A "welcome letter" to the professor A quickie pseudo-ethnographic study of a very familiar subculture: gamers in Planet Ten, a comics and games store I used to manage.

This article is NOT my work, but is by a friend. It is, in my not-so-humble-opinion, very well written, and is on a subject I find interesting.

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