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I have no idea how to categorize the following, but each of them has had at least one reader tell me that they should go up on my web page... so here they are! ;-)

The Chathouse® replies A place to comment on things I've read at a particular website for chatting that is run by a good friend. Due to their unacceptable policy on copyright, I decided to place my replies on my site, with links back and forth from the Chathouse®.
The Collected Papers of the Class on Family These are the papers written for my "Family & Sociology" summer class. I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting most of the readings are... let's face it, readings can be truly tedious on occasion. :-)
"Who Am I?"
Identity on the Internet
This was my first attempt at both my minor, and at sociological research. It's not as good as I would have liked it to be for my survey respondents... but here it is nonetheless.
The Collected Papers of the Class on Masculinity These are the papers written for my masculinities class. While most of them are pretty fluffy, they do mention some worthwhile readings and movies.
Primate "Infanticide" A review of three articles on the subject, as well as some personal speculations on the improbability of primate 'infanticide' being an evolutionarily selected trait.
Most of the Primate Behavior papers These are most of the papers from my Primate Behavior class. While the actual scholarly articles may be hard for the casual explorer to find, my papers on the articles mention some interesting behavioral research, and so might be of interest. Enjoy... it was a fascinating class.
The Thinking Ape A discussion of some readings on possible theoretical frameworks of behavior for prehistoric humans.
The Need for Term Limits in Congress Which was an assigned, impromptu 2 to 4 minute speech. I left the components of a good speech (according to the Jensen model) written down in it, if you're interested.
Animal Training for Social Control I can't believe I put this up here! Then again... I can't believe I got an A for it either! ;-)
Wavery, Watery Reflections From A Mirror Of Memory *embarrassed grin* You don't wanna know...

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