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Site Information for Collie's Bestiary


Um. Well... what to say here.

  • This site is all hand-coded. That's apparently unusual, or so I've been told. If it really is that unusual, then I guess I'm proud of doing it. ;-)

  • Since I've been rearranging my site slightly in an effort to tidy it up a bit, I've included a page that has all my papers in alphabetical order on it.

  • I have a spiffy new emailing list to notify folks that are interested of changes on the site. If you'd like to join the list, you're welcome to do so. It's extremely low traffic (maybe a posting every few months or so), announcement-only, and your email addresses cannot be seen publicly at all.

  • I'm intermittently working on a links page, since several friends have suggested it would be nice for me to have one. More on this as it occurs, of course.

  • I hope to have site statistics and counter information here eventually, although I'm still searching for a good service to use. Got any suggestions?

  • I'm also always interested in ideas on how to make the site look better, or how to better present the information here. Feel free to send me any ideas you have for that too -- I do my best to give credit where credit is due.

Enjoy! :-)

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