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Doug Jorenby

I'm the player that Scott Ruggels turned his campaign over to. In a way, this ties in to my previous subject. Scott can develop a world like nobody's business. He plays, unsurprisingly, to his strengths. Consequently his game has no "women in the foreground" -- Scott doesn't like cross gendering or romantic bits. He's understandably uncomfortable with the GM-player interplay this requires. Also, the really developed NPCs are all former PCs. Everyone must know how hard it is to have bad things happen to a favored PC. You don't want somebody carelessly changing something you've put so much time and energy into. In a sense the game world itself is a type of PC to him. You can see the conflict inherent here when you reflect that the essence of some of the PCs is to affect their world.

On the other hand, I can't really spare the time to develop a good game world. However, I love mental puzzles (e.g.: what consequence the campaign historical background has on the present game time) and I love role playing. I think I'm doing OK, since none of the original players or the previous GM have left, although Scott sometimes makes "oh, noooo!" noises. :-)

So romance and sex have entered the game. I think my favorite response was when Scott himself came up to me and said how nice he thought the previous game had been (Hi, Scott! You're cute when you blush!). This was after his PC had spent the night with some very nice and very pushy ladies. They'd had to get the PC drunk to "overcome his inhibitions". Personally, I think the character was too embarrassed to say yes even though he wanted to. It's not like he leapt out of bed the next morning! :-)

Admittedly, this is my first attempt at GMing, after about 11 years of being a die-hard player. It's not something I'm going to rush out and convert to, but I like being able to put in all the sex, romance, and role-playing I want in my NPCs. I've heard it said that GM's try to create the world they want to game in. I just wish I could get some more romance in the games I'm playing in.

Dana Erlandsen/Pete Maranci

I'm enormously gratified that not only did my cover art meet with approval, but I managed to dismay a Junior Corporate Personnel Flunky! re: Maranci's job -- umm, put the flunky in the recycle bin next to the Kodak 300 Duplicator? ;-)

To whomever had the request for correspondence with other gaming females--I'm female! I game! I'm opinionated! Write!

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