Comments on TWH #183

Mark Swanson

I like the color you chose for the cover. Not what I would have chosen, but it's nice to see different points of view. :-)

Dana J. Erlandsen

I really enjoyed your comments on PC death. LOL at the illo on pg. 5!

On the whole I agree. I've found that not worrying about the points goes a long way towards keeping the PCs from becoming outrageous. For example, while I was at a recent con I was asked to make up a character. I thought for a bit, then came up with a rough outline of personality. It would need a lot of fleshing out, but I figured that was what the game was for. Later, I was asked for a character sheet. I had no idea how the mechanics of the game worked, and had no intention of mentally killing myself to throw together a sheet. I don't game so that I can feel grouchy at having had to do something I intensely dislike (wallow in an unfamiliar game system) at short notice. Also, I knew I wasn't asking for anything outrageous, on the GM's assurance. However, there was one quirk to the PC that another player was worriedly assuring the GM would cost too many points! When the GM kindly offered to write up a sheet for me I was relieved, and accepted his offer. The worried player wanted to know how many points I was putting into what. My response was that the GM was going to write down whatever he wanted to describe my concept. After all, I wasn't going to use the sheet, I was going to play the concept! So why should I care about what was on the sheet?

The concept worked just fine in the game. However, when I self-enforced a non-written-down psychlim for my PC the worried player was really astonished. I think that blew away the worried player's mind -- she expected me to try to get away with metaphoric murder. :-)

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