Peaceable Demeanor #6

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I guess the truth can hurt you worse in an election than about anything that could happen to you.
--Will James

Since my zines have gotten very mixed up and out of order I thought I'd take a little time to catch up on comments. I like having a forum to throw ideas out into, but I suppose giving people some time to respond is a good idea. Also, accounts got confused, and I've missed both TWH #'s 177 and 178. Marc Willner kindly lent me his copy of #177, so I was able to read everything except the fiction. I'll comment on anything I've missed when I get the absent issues. So in the interests of catch-up comments for both me and everyone else (and the forlorn hope of someday being mentioned in the table of contents :-), I'm dedicating this zine solely to comments.

Comments on The Wild Hunt #177, and #178.
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