Peaceable Demeanor #7

Cover for TWH #183, the issue this zine appeared in.

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Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
--Albert Einstein

On a completely unsolicited note, I am trying something new. I am currently going to college: one of the last semester's classes was New Testament study. I'm not sure anyone cares, but people have been talking about making up religions There were some things in the New Testament which the class covered (which your average Sunday school class never touches on!) that I found fascinating. If anyone wants more obscure facts and theories about both growing religions and the historical Christ (not the spiritual Christ!) just say so. One of the papers I wrote follows -- perhaps y'all will find it interesting. Comments I added for clarification for this zine are in [].

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Comments on The Wild Hunt #178, #179, #180, and #181.

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