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There's a wide spread of interests here, linked only by their common theme of being associated with one of my favorite hobbies -- role-playing. Enjoy!


Links to Some Fine Folks with Nice Gaming-related Pages

  • Lou Erickson's site -- yes, he likes skunks. Pester him to link up more of his gaming stuff! ;-)
  • Elizabeth McCoy's The Real McCoy and some of her current work on In Nomine.
  • Joseph Teller and Kiralee McCauley's Fantasy Library -- a good site for information on gaming, paganism, and much more.
  • Rebecca Teed's Home Page, with pages on her interests -- from role-playing to Quaternary paleoecology.
  • Black Gate Publishing's Throttle, which is a thoughtful and well-done on-line web-zine -- well worth reading. They must be marvelous, they've got a page with my commentary on it! Now is that ego-boo, or what?
  • This is another nice resource: Johnn Four's Roleplaying Tips Page. He sends them out in weekly e-zines, which you can subscribe to on his page.

More soon, I hope! ;-)


Here's some nice art by Lynx, who was sweet enough to do a quick sketch on a beer coaster, of me as a collie, while we were waiting for food at a restaurant during a con.

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