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laughing collieReviewed Books on Anthropological Theory

These are mostly anthropological studies of various sorts... mostly they were pulled onto this page to make my library page load faster! ;-)

Foucault's Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews & Other Writings 1972-1977 A little disjointed-seeming in its leaps from essay subject to interview, but like most of Foucault's stuff I've read there's the occasional startlingly new idea that makes it well worth the effort.
Geertz' The Interpretation of Cultures Excellent book... but then I've always liked Geertz' dry sense of humor when it comes to academia nuts.
Lyotard's The Postmodern Condition Probably one of the best explanations of postmodernism I've read, and according to my professor a seminal work in the field. Well worth a re-read just to make sure you caught everything! ;-)
Barthes' Mythologies A paper on the bourgeoisie tendency to mythologize society. Fascinating reading.
Said's Orientalism Which covers Edward Said's seminal work on the academic movement called orientalism.
Anderson's Imagined Communities A quick review of Benedict Anderson's book on the development and history of the nationalist movement. Quite good.
Critical Review of Hebdige's Subculture: the Meaning of Style Which is a fascinating book, analyzing the English music scene and how the 'styles' of the various groups speak of what each group believes.

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