Adventures in the Ivory Tower


It is due to the length of my residence in the 'ivory tower' that I present the following for your amusement and edification. Enjoy -- I certainly did!

More seriously, I'm working on a section where I review my experiences with some of the mathematics professors of DeAnza College of Cupertino, California. That is the two-year college where I am taking/took all my perquisites for San Jose State's computer science program. Unfortunately not all my experiences were positive, and there is no professorial review by the students at the end of each quarter. Thus I am taking this opportunity to give, to my best effort, a review of the professors with whom I studied.

I am also very interested in any thoughtful commentary or review any other DeAnza students might have concerning their experiences with the DeAnza professors, especially those of the Mathematics Department. Please email me with your thoughts, and I will be happy to put them up as well.

Once I have finished working on the individual pages, the following (alphabetically listed) professors will be reviewed by me:

  • Hector
  • Lopez
  • Mathios
  • Odle
  • Sekhan
  • Weusi-Puryear

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  • Collie's Bestiary

    Last Updated: Tue Nov 21 2000