How to Spot An Adult Reentry Student

How to Spot An Adult Reentry Student

Admittedly, #5 doesn't apply, and #8 isn't true for me... but the rest were hilariously accurate to me! ;-)


1) They are the only people sitting in the front row.

2) The music in the cafeteria gives them a headache.

3) Everyone stares in disbelief when they say they are "just here to learn."

4) They think they are the only students in class who don't know what the professor is talking about.

5) They read the obituaries before the comics.

6) They get nauseated watching a freshman eat a Twinkie and a Coke for breakfast.

7) They ask more questions than the rest of their classmates combined.

8) They don't carry their books in a backpack.

9) They talk about painting the living room over spring break, while everyone else is talking about Florida.

10) They suspect the girl next to them paid more for her jeans than they paid for their first car.

11) They are the first to arrive in class and the last to leave.