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Techniques of Oppression:

Anger, Bigotry, and Minorities

Anthro 194J: Cultural Construction of the Masculine
S. Morgensen, Instructor
Copyright © 1997 B. Collie Collier


The Paper

This paper was written due to an unpleasant incident that occurred while in college. Suffice it to say that both of us involved in the incident were convinced of the wrongness of the other... I just wish the instructor hadn't played favorites. I include this final paper in the theory section because I deliberately distanced myself from the occurrence by pushing it into the realm of theoretical speculation. Don't bother reading this if you're easily offended -- writing the paper was a catharsis for me, and thus it is a bit more confrontational than I usually like.

Relevant Articles

I also have a few interesting links here. This article notes: "One graduate student discovers that skin color sometimes matters more than cogent argument," and this is the letter I wrote to him in reply. This article discusses 'Why liberals can't think straight about race.'

Relevant Texts

I would also highly recommend the book "A Dream Deferred: The Second Betrayal of Black Freedom in America" by Shelby Steele, for a clear-eyed look at victimization as a survival ploy in America today.
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