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Nehru - New Hampshire request for Bill of Rights - New Model Army - Newsweek - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Weekly Schedule - Nietzsche - Nimitz - Nixon - NYC police officer (former)

The art of a people is a true mirror of their minds.
-- Jawaharlal Nehru

Congress shall never disarm any Citizen unless such as are or have been in Actual Rebellion.
-- from New Hampshire's request for a Bill of Rights, 1788.

History gave us meaning, gave us a place;
Gave my father reasons for the lines on his face.
But we asked for the money, and money they gave.
And God how that made us easy to enslave.
-- New Model Army, "Lights Go Out"

We've seen the restless children at the head of the columns
Come to purify the future with the arrogance of youth.
Nothing is as cruel as the righteousness of innocents
With automatic weapons and a gospel of the truth.
-- New Model Army; "Purity"

Power still comes from guns
-- Newsweek, 01/08/90, p. 25.

Another Month Ends
All Targets Met
All Systems Working
All Customers Satisfied
All Staff Eager and Enthusiastic
All Pigs Fed and Ready to fly
-- Entry in Weekly Schedule of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

To be sure, I am a forest, a night of dark trees: but he who is unafraid of my darkness will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.
-- Nietzsche

How good bad music and bad reasons sound when we march against an enemy.
-- Nietzsche

Nothing kills that does not know ye.
-- Nietzsche

What have we sons of god to do with morals!
-- Nietzsche

In revenge and in love woman is more barbarous than man.
-- Nietzsche

One has regarded life carelessly, if one has failed to see the hand that kills with leniency.
-- Nietzsche

What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.
-- Nietzsche

Thus man wishes woman to be peaceable; but in fact woman is essentially unpeaceable, like a cat, however well she may have assumed the peaceable demeanor.
-- Nietzsche

Uncommon Valor was a common virtue.
-- Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, of the U.S. Marines at Iwo Jima, 1945.

When the President does it, that means it is not illegal.
-- Richard Nixon

The jawbone of an ass is just as dangerous a weapon today as in Samson's time.
-- Richard M. Nixon

I would have made a good pope.
-- Richard Nixon

I hear that whenever anyone in the White House tells a lie, Nixon gets a royalty.
-- Richard Nixon

I'm not a lovable man.
-- Richard Nixon

Call it paranoia, but paranoia for peace isn't that bad.
-- Richard Nixon

Once you get into this great stream of history, you can't get out.
-- Richard Nixon

Let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth, to see it like it is and to tell it like it is, to find the truth, to speak the truth and live with the truth. That's what we'll do.
-- Richard Nixon

We cannot judge it before it is concluded, and we cannot judge it even after it has been concluded.
-- Richard Nixon

I'll speak for the man, or against him, whichever will do him most good.
-- Richard Nixon

I never made the [football] team... I was not heavy enough to play the line, not fast enough to play halfback and not smart enough to be a quarterback.
-- Richard Nixon

Who's going to catch us? We're the police. We're in charge.
-- Former NYC police officer, explaining to a commission why he wasn't afraid while committing robbery, aggravated assault, rape, and burglary in uniform.

Collie Collier
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