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The below graphic is a good luck Maneki Neki, or "lucky cat," which I got from the lovely ActionCat e-postcard site, along with the story behind the Maneki Neki, and permissions to take one of the cute little Maneki Neko graphics, as long as they're linked to some animal help site.


I found the two gifs on the left (the animated mailbox and the animated moon) on Lady Arakne du Vernois' webpage, and she kindly informed me that they were public domain (this webpage is unfortunately now gone, but I'm leaving it up in the hopes that either she'll come back, or someone will contact me with her new website address). The gif on the right (the animated little demoness), I found on -- there's beautiful work there. A definite 'check it out!' ;-)

blue moon mailbox demoness

The gifs below are the results of my customizations for personal enjoyment, done while playing around with GIF Construction Set. What can I say... I like gifs that don't wear out the eye with constant, retina-searing, flashing repetitions! ;-)

mailbox blue moon

Yes, my copy of GifCon is now registered. It's been invaluable and I highly recommend it.

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