Collie's Wish List

Apparently I'm difficult to shop for, so this is to help friends and family. I've linked to most of the books through Powell's, with whom I have a sales partner relationship. I also maintain a wish list of books on Amazon, to make things as easy as possible.

Bob can help those who want suggestions or advice. There is also a Bob's Gift Wish List. If you find a dead link, please email me. A new window will open when you click the links.


Picture Description
(to the book page) Books!
Yes, the link leads to a page full of books I'd like. I'm a book worm, what can I say? ;-)
Dragon Plaque / Steppingstone
Pentacle Tank Top
Size large, please?
Gorgon Medusa sculpture
The smaller one would be lovely.
Gold Collie Charm
I couldn't resist putting this one in! I'd prefer the small yellow gold one.
Spirit of the Wolf mask
This mask is handcrafted, so I've no idea on price -- sorry. Also, they use frames in the site, so here's Spirit Legend Mask's front page.
"Noah's Ark" Painting
A really lovely (but somewhat pricy) painting.