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Important Issues

This section has articles and links to things that I think are important issues or have some value to folks interested in the politics of freedom and liberty.

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Project Vote-Smart
One stop, comprehensive, honest information about who your representatives are and what they're doing.

Find out who your representative are with their by-zip-code search engine.

An excellent resource, year-round. I'm pleased to be able to support them with my tax-deductible contributions.

Privacy Guide The Privacy Guides from the Center for Democracy & Technology gives from you useful tips for protecting your privacy and helps you take control of the way your information is used.

Contains step-by-step instructions on tuning your browser and your PC so you reveal less information to 'net predators (i.e. unscrupulous marketing scum).

Freedom of Speech links This page contains links to some of the organizations that help protect our right to speak freely and without government restraint.
ACLU Bustcard A PDF document from the ACLU you can print out and put in your wallet. It describes what you should do if you're stopped by the police.
Don't talk to Cops By Robert W. Zeuner, member of the New York State Bar. It discusses your rights when speaking to the police.

This article appeared in the 1991-March newsletter of the Libertarian Party of New Jersey.

Pissing for Xerox An excellent letter about pre-employment drug testing. Wish I'd written it. To the best of my knowledge, the original is still on the web. There are many more interesting and amusing things on the original author's site which, to the best of my knowledge hasn't changed in the last five years or so. :-)

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