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There's some serious shit going down these days, friend. Sure, the clockworkers are still around from the old world, building their tick-tock creations of blood and gears and sending them lumbering about dark alleys to retreive forgotten tomes of mystical lore. But that's strictly old school. I'm talking about the invisible clergy and the Cult of the Naked Goddess and the flesh mages and the House of Renunciation and freaking Alex Abel and his goddamn New Inquisition and all the rest. Let's face it:

* * *

Welcome to the New Inquisition. This is an intellectual property-- that is, an original world/setting, group of characters, and so on --that I've been tinkering with off and on for a couple of years now. My goal is to bring the New Inquisition to life in a variety of media such as fiction, comics, computer games, and whatever else sounds like a good idea. At present, I'm developing a New Inquisition comic book with artist Brian Snoddy (who has worked on the collectible card games Magic: The Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings, and Shadowfist among other projects); we haven't sought a publisher yet. I'm also working on a set of short stories chronicling various story arcs within the world of the New Inquisition.

Herein you'll find a brief set of documents describing the core concepts and characters of the New Inquisition. I've placed them here to get the word out, to try and link up with people interested in publishing New Inquisition works, and to get feedback from net-surfers everywhere. If you'd like to comment on the New Inquistion, you're welcome to drop me a line.

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